September 24, 2008

My uncle wasn’t able to reserve a parking slot for us, so we had to pay for the parking of our car and he avoided such by telling the guard he’ll be back every time he left. Well, one afternoon, we were about to leave when the guard stood in front of the car and we couldn’t go any further without paying. So we told him we’ll be right back, he didn’t let us leave that easily. This was our conversation with said guard.

Guard: Sir, you need to pay.
My uncle: I know, but we’ll come back, I’ll pay for the entire time I parked here before we leave.
Guard: What unit are you in?
Coy: Cluster 4 5G
Guard: Cluster?
Coy: 4 5G
Guard: 4 5G?
Coy: yes
Guard: G? G as in Juliet?
All of us: Wahahaha NO!
Coy: hahaha No, G as in God…
Guard: hehe G as in God (laughing at himself)

He had an accent kind of like Manny Pacquiao. It was funny. Chakai and Joey were wondering how he didn’t know what G was because according to them he should know because he is a grown up. Hahaha G, G as in Juliet. What’s wrong with that picture?

Hit me baby, one more time!

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