Opinions… Say it Or Keep Mum?

November 28, 2008
All throughout my life I’ve pissed off offended people about remarks I made pertaining to something about them. It can be about how I liked or disliked a certain thing, or how I perceived things. But who hasn’t, right? Am I not entitled to an opinion? Even one that hurts your feelings? I mean come on, how about honesty, right? And besides, it’s my opinion, I didn’t say it was a fact. Recently, I’ve pissed off offended someone close to me, because I made a comment about something that he wrote and he got a bit angry because I didn’t see things the way he did. Should I apologize because I don’t see things the way he does? He said I made a comment I didn’t think about as usual. I did think about the comment that I made, and even before he wrote what he wrote, we’ve already discussed that specific matter and I’ve already said where I stood on that matter, we disagreed then and we still disagree now. Hey, that’s how I see things and I’m not about to change it, I may not be right, but I am entitled to an opinion and I’m sorry he didn’t like it, I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t have my own opinion about things. I could’ve possibly said it the wrong way, possibly. If I did say it wrong, then for that I apologize, I admit that there are better ways of telling people off voicing out an opinion, I should maybe take lessons on that. angel smileys

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  1. Wait til your friend of 24 years suddenly decides that your views [that you’ve always held] are wrong. Just dead wrong.

    To say things are strained… and I’m not changing, dangit!

    Yeah, hit a sore spot… πŸ˜‰ I hope for both our sakes people can just lighten the heck up.

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