To the Beat

November 30, 2008
Are you a budding composer/song writer but don’t play any musical instruments of any kind? Then I’ve got just the thing for you. I came across this site where you can purchase beats and alter them to your liking, you can make it fast or slow, you can chop, loop and even add extra sounds. For somebody who wants to write songs but can’t play an instrument then this is exactly what you need to pursue your composer/song writer career. When I cam across this site I automatically thought about my husband. See, B is a composer/song writer, but the problem is he doesn’t play any instruments. One time he joined a national competition for composers/song writers, and although his song came out great (I thought it was), he thought it was mediocre. He didn’t quite get the exact melody of the song that he wanted for that specific song, but the musician who added the melody to the song just based it on hums he made during a collaboration, so you can’t blame the guy. On the other hand, if he’d known about Jee Juh Productions then maybe he could’ve just bought a couple of beats and changed it to his liking, then maybe he would’ve won. At least we know about the site now, so next time he has a better chance of winning that competition. I’ve checked out the site and found a couple of beats that I am interested in myself. So if you want to have a career in music or just love music per se, then this site is definitely worth checking out. Happy Beat hunting! adult smileys
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