Wanna Weekend

November 29, 2008
It’s been 3 nights since we came here in my Uncle’s place, you can say it’s sort of a long vacation. We went to spend the night here last Thursday night, because Chakai and I had an event to attend in her school last Friday and I needed to leave Lucas with my sister, so to save time B and I decided we should spend the night here Thursday, also, I wanted Lucas to get better acquainted with Coy so that he wouldn’t fuss too much when I’m not around. The kids are having a blast, I on the other hand I can’t stop thinking about B. He has this hosting job that he has to do tomorrow, I don’t quite know the full details, because I haven’t spoken to him aside from a few text messages, because our land line telephone here is currently being repaired and my cell phone is not doing what it’s supposed to do, which is make calls or receive texts, I think the battery is busted because it keeps hanging and dying on me, must be because of Lucas’ saliva, I don’t quite know for sure. Stupid phone.forum smileys

Anyway, today Chakai didn’t cry because of Joey today and she had a lot of fun playing with Gaby, Joey and Bea, a neighbor. She hasn’t been crying because of Joey like she used to whenever we are here. I guess Joey isn’t much of a bully anymore. Which is good. As for my boy, Lucas, he learned a dance, at least I thought it was a dance.love smileys Whenever you sing a song to him he’d sway his head left to right really really fast while walking towards you. It’s sort of like a head bang really, it’s weird.mad smileys He is also clapping more now, for some reason, he’d just start clapping all of a sudden. Weird.angel smileys My uncle has started to put their christmas tree up, and he used glitters to put it up and you can imagine how messy glitters are right? I hate how glitters latch onto you and it’s so very hard to remove. So, we put Lucas on his walker, he was really noisy and you can hear the walker wherever he was, then for about a period of 5-10 minutes we couldn’t hear him, so I started calling to him, and still nothing. So Coy got up, and looked for him, turns out my Uncle forgot to close the room where the glittery tree was and all the glitters were, and wa la! Lucas was standing under the tree, glitters all over him, he looked up at my sister and gave her a smile, I had to bathe him a second time to get all the glitters off his head. I hate glitters.

Hit me baby, one more time!

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