What a Sunday!

December 21, 2008

Whew! The family and I just came home, a little while ago. We were out shopping. First we went to church, then we ate lunch then we went shopping, and not just in SM, where we usually go, but we also went to a couple of “forgotten malls” around Baguio City, namely Porta Vaga, a shopping complex a couple of blocks away from SM and Tiongsan, which is in Harrison Road, just near the foot of Session Road. “Forgotten Malls” because when SM opened its doors we rarely ever go anywhere else, and I guess that is true not only for us but for a lot of people in our city.

Anyway, before we went shopping we had lunch in Rai Rai Ken, it’s a Japanese resto, we only ate there once before and I was so disappointed with the food that we never came back, until now. B and I love Japanese food, and Chakai also loves Japanese food, we usually just go to Teriyaki Boy, because the food is really great, but today, I allowed myself to step out of my comfort zone and give Rai Rai Ken another chance. The first time we ever went there was like 3 years ago. There weren’t really any changes in the ambiance, it still looked the same. I was a bit disappointed when they told me they were out of Chicken teriyaki, because I wanted to compare it to that of Teriyaki Boy’s. I did notice that they make better sushi as compared to before, and their grilled squid is not bad either. Over all, I guess I was pretty satisfied, I still prefer Teriyaki Boy though. In terms of price, it’s the same as that of Teriyaki Boy’s, so if I were to choose between the two, I’d choose Teriyaki Boy, no question. I’ve been able to take a couple pictures of what we ordered, here you go.

Beef Gyudon

Black Gulaman Futo Maki Seafood Hot Pot Soup

Grilled Squid

After lunch, we went shopping. I really didn’t buy a lot of things, which was a surprise. I guess I was a bit harder to please this time. B has a new hobby, and it’s collecting beetles, not the insect, but the car. He recently started a collection of Volkswagen cars, and that is mainly the reason why we were going around these “forgotten malls“, to look for rare, one of a kind, collector worthy bug. He was able to find 3 by the way, and one of them is actually a Christmas ornament, which we know that only he has, that’s certainly an edge he has over other collectors. If you want to see his bug collection, make sure to check out his blog because I’m sure he’ll post a couple of pictures there. Chakai bought a few hair accessories and a pair of earrings. I bought a couple pairs of earrings, two pairs of underwear and a pair of shoes that I absolutely fell in love with because it was just so cute. Don’t believe me, have a look for yourself.

Aren’t they just darlings! I’m a bit imeldific and I have a storage problem, either I need a bigger shoe rack a couple more sounds more accurate or I need smaller shoes. So as I am blogging away, B is busy trimming the Christmas tree, I put it up about 2 weeks ago but we couldn’t find the decorations then, hopefully, I’ll be able to post a picture of it here soon. In the meantime, here’s a picture of Baguio City’s Christmas tree that has been here all my life and is still up today.
It’s a bit blurry because the car was moving as I took a snap shot, but I swear it’s pretty. I’ll get a better picture and post it soon, next to our trimmed tree.

Hit me baby, one more time!

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