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April 24, 2009
We all want to know the latest when it comes to our favorite celebs. If we don’t get our celebrity fix on the newspaper we seek other media devices like the television, radio and the internet. Personally, I get my gossip fix on my friends’ celebrity/entertainment blogs, but if I don’t get it from there I get the latest celeb news over at RoyalGirls.com. Unlike your ordinary gossip website, RoyalGirls.com have exclusive pictures that you won’t see anywhere else. Check out this picture of Angelina Jolie I found on their site.

I’ve never seen this picture of Angelina Jolie before and as revealing as it may seem to others, personally, I think it’s very artistic. Despite what people say about Angelina Jolie, I like the girl. She had a dark side, a past, and she’s not trying to be all perfect and she doesn’t seem to mind at all that people are saying all sorts of nasty things about her. Not to mention that she has been the goodwill ambassador for the UN Refugee Agency, for the longest time. I think what I like her the most is how she manages to stay as an A list celebrity despite having an ugly past. Check out RoyalGirls.com for the latest pictures, news and other information on your favorite celebrity, your celebrity fix is just a click away.
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  1. i agree with you Ane i think she a very real and very beautiful women. I am hearing now that Brad is getting ready to move out. I dont know how that is going to work with them wanting more children. hmmmm *DONT_KNOW*

  2. Cause you’ve been busy with your $$$ Marzie, I totally understand, I’ve been
    missing chops at WOAFS and MPG too! :'( let’s cry together! :'(

  3. I hope that it’s just a rumor Bill, cause I really want for them to be
    together forever! and what’s up with Brad wanting more children? don’t they
    have enough already? Come on Brad! enough spreading your genes already!!

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