I need my “Alone Time”.

May 16, 2009
Browsing through the Online Casino Directory is what I want to do right now, but alas, my hands are tied. I miss playing poker on Facebook and I haven’t had time to reply to all my comments. I haven’t updated my first commenters’ scoreboard and I haven’t had the time to drop EC’s and click Adgitize ads. Ever since Lucas had a fever last Tuesday night, he has been keeping me busy. He has been so clingy and cranky that there’s nothing I can do when he’s awake but carry him because that is the only time that he feels comforted.garupale His tooth is finally out, not fully yet, but at least it’s out.sengihnampakgigi We brought him to the doctor yesterday and his meds seem to be working because his fever is gone.sengihnampakgigi His cough and colds are also improving because now his phlegm is able to come out through the from of mucus. The only problem now is, he’s still very cranky, and still very clingy.sigh This morning, I felt like crying because no matter what I did, I couldn’t pacify him.nangih He just kept crying and crying and crying.nangih I felt so frustrated!sighnangih I didn’t know what to do, I put him down, he cries, I carry him, he cries, there’s just nothing I could do to make him stop, until he finally fell asleep crying.sigh He fell asleep on my chest and I didn’t dare move, even if I needed to go to the restroom really badly, I didn’t want to wake him and have to start pacifying him again. He’s still asleep, and he finally rolled on the bed on his own, so I got to sneak away and do this post.

He literally rolled off my chest.sengihnampakgigi

Okay, I better go hang my laundry before he wakes up.
Hit me baby, one more time!

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  1. He must be in so much discomfort.. he’s never been this cranky, has he? I guess he must be growing more than those 2 teeth?? buddy grew a whole lot at once and he got pretty sick too. It must be hard on you at the moment, Ane.. Hugs! Hope he gets less cranky really soon and sporting his new teeth all happy! ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. I can so relate – Logan came down with something yesterday and he cried all day (which he never had before in his life). It sounded like a dog – you know the high pitched whine? I felt so bad for him, I could tell he didn’t feel well but it’s hard at this age because they can’t tell you what it is. Is it his head? His throat? Logan only took a half an hour nap, he was just so uncomfortable (I had to wipe his nose every few minutes) – it didn’t matter if I held him or not. I really hope that Lucas feels better ASAP!!!! That picture melted my heart.

  3. Oh My Andrea, yes, it’s that high pitched whine! Lucas also almost never
    cries, so you can understand how panicky I got.. I hope Logan feels better
    soon too!

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