Poop Surprise*

June 6, 2009
I finally swallowed my pride and went ahead to sleep over at my Uncle’s place so I can spend some time with my sister before she left for Manila on Tuesday. Yes, despite the incident that happened with my aunt, I put it behind me for the sake of my sister. It’s 4 a.m. and we still haven’t slept. We’ve been watching movies on HBO while talking about all kinds of stuff. I missed having these conversations with my sister, Coy and I are very close so we never ran out of things to talk about. We were having such a good time until something happened.

Lucas was snoring peacefully by my side on the couch and my sister has taken her place on the other couch, we each have a cup of coffee as we talked the night away. When it was time to turn in, I was surprised when I opened my sister’s room and out came Appa and Momo, 2 shi tzu puppies, and I was greeted by an overwhelming stench of dog poop, pee and wet dog hair.busuk Ewwww!!!busuk I silently screamed for my sister as I don’t want to wake Lucas and she came silently running, and for a while we were screaming silently and asking questions on who closed the door with the pups inside. It certainly wasn’t me and it certainly wasn’t her.marah For a moment there was chaos and laughter and annoyance. There were freakin’ dog poop and pee everywhere!busuk My sister had a low bed, Japanese style bed, so it was fairly low and the pups could easily climb on the bed and so the bed had wet dog hair all over it. Ewww!!!busuk Needless to say we weren’t sleepy after that, which is why here I am blogging about it.

Guess who freakin closed the door while the pups were inside.soal Yep, that’s right, our aunt did.marahUsually the pups stay in a gated area, apparently they got out, sneaked into the half opened door and then when my aunt passed my sister’s room she closed the door without checking to see if the pups were inside.marah The area where the pups were supposed to be gated in was like 3 inches (5 inches tops) away from my sister’s room door, so it was a long shot that she didn’t notice the pups weren’t there when she passed by and closed the door. We think she might have done it on purpose.around That, or she’s really that stupid.around I mean come onaround, a person who had poor eye sight would probably see clearly if the area where the pups were supposed to be was empty. You’d have to be blind not to see OR REALLY REALLY STUPID.around

Mikey is my sister’s shi tzu dog, which she gave my uncle as a gift. Mikey has 3 puppies, 2 girls, Appa and Momo and a boy, Junie. Junie and Mikey were on the loose too, but Junie was sleeping under the dining table and Mikey was sleeping under the coffee table in the living room where we were. Mikey is the only one allowed to roam the house freely because she’s house trained, the pups need to stay inside the gated area because they still have accidents.

So anyway, my sister cleaned up the mess while I put the pups back in the gated area. My aunt came out to see what the commotion was all about and she said she didn’t know the pups were on the loose and got inside the room when she closed the door. around Sure.around Whatever.around She could’ve double checked but she didn’t, and why did she have to close the door anyway, if she thought the dogs were in the gated area then why is there a need to close the freakin door when she knows we’re still in the living room?soal And how come she didn’t see the dogs were not in the gated area?soal WTF is up with that?soal We really think she did it on purpose. fikir

My sister and I are just waiting for the odors to leave the room before we go to sleep, but I don’t think we’ll be sleeping soon, because that woke up our senses and we’re wide awake now.blur As we look back now, we find it so annoying and irritating, but we also can’t help laughing at how funny we reacted to it. At least we had a few laughs right?gelakguling

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  1. One thing is for certain, there's nothing boring about staying at your Uncle's. πŸ™‚

  2. Oh no!!!! Hahahaha.. that must've been soo gross!! unbelievable!! I second what Maria just said, though!! Even though my sister lives with me, we never run out of things to say too!! hahaha.. it's just like that with sisters i guess.

    so how was The Other Boleyn Girl?? You like??

  3. LOL! Yuck on the pup mess! I can't believe your Aunt closed them in there. I am glad you had a great time with your sister though! Stopping by from Harriet's Comment Challenge!

  4. Icky – especially the part about them being in the bed like that!!! That's definitely the bad part about puppies, although it sounds like this could have been avoided if not for your aunt – geesh!!!

  5. We really do think she did it on purpose Andrea.. My sister had to replace
    the sheets and pillow cases and mop the hard wood floors to get rid of the
    smell and then wax them and then shine them.. I helped a little, but we were
    so pissed..

  6. I have a mean aunt ane!!! From my father's side. And she is sooooooo mean
    you won't believe!!! Like incredibly incredibly mean! I don't know if you
    watch sanay wala.. but because the family loves it, we nicknamed her DVV!!
    LOL! and between from my other aunts and uncles, all my siblings, mother and
    all my other cousins call her DVV. She's THAT mean.. how my mom is so
    patient with her I don't know considering that she's my mom's in law.

  7. Like she can kill people Shemah? Like that mean? LOL My aunt isn't so mean,
    she's just stupid is all.. LOL

  8. Hey there Guest! I wish you left your URL so I can visit you back.. and your
    name.. Thanks anyway! πŸ™‚

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