Random Tuesday Thoughts: Multi-tasking*

August 25, 2009

Hi. My name is Ane, and I am a Twilight Series Addict.

Okay, let the crucifying begin. I know some people can’t stand the Twilight Series, but I love them! I can’t get enough of Edward and Jacob! NOT Robert Pattinson though, I still think he only looks good in certain angles, and when he’s not Edward, he looks fugly. Taylor Lautner however is gorgeous!lapar OMG!hah Okay I still want to live, so I’ll stop my Twilight rant.sengihnampakgigi

I’ve been sick this couple of days and I have been sleeping a lot, but I still feel so damn tired.

That movie Shutter, which I still haven’t written about still freaks me out to this day, and it has been weeks since I saw it. I am such a wuss. Every time my neck hurts I think that the girl might be hanging on me or something. *shudders* gigil

I swear, sometimes my imagination can go so wild, I end up freaking out so badly and asking B to accompany me to the restroom at night. LOL.gelakguling

I feel so happy.sengihnampakgigi

It’s 11:16 p.m. and I am writing down my randomness. While tweeting. And Facebook-ing. I am multi-tasking.sengihnampakgigi

I am addicted to mint flavored green tea. And it sucks cause I only have one left.adus

Lucas is snoring. It sounds so cute.sengihnampakgigi

My lower back hurts like freaking hell, so I have to go and ask B to put some omega pain killer on it and massage it a little before he goes to bed, so head on over to my fave superhero’s lair, who I think has gone rogue, not sure if she’s still a superhero, oh well, still love her anyway. love

Have a Happy Tuesday All!sengihnampakgigi

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  1. LOL!! I totally love the books.. not so feeling Twilight the movie! first time i saw it, i actually fell on the floor laughing when i saw them do the spider monkey piggyback thingy. I don't know.. it's just so hilarious!!

    Anyways, I agree with you. I've had shutter in my DVD collection for the longest time but I haven't watched it because I know how my imagination is. I know i can sit through the movie.. no problem. but i hate the aftermath of a horror movie. My mind just goes wild on me.. I know how you feel!! LMAO!

    I've never tried mint flavored green tea. might give it a try.

    And i'm glad you're happy and i hope you're feeling much better and that your back pain won't bother you much!

    Yay to multitasking!!

    p/s: would sure love to her lucas snoring!! SO CUTE!!

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