The Mail Man & I are BFF’s now… LOL… ***

September 18, 2009

Not one but 2 surprises came in the mail for me today. Both gifts were from a few of my BFF’s online. Big hugs and thanks to Mariuca and Shemah!loveciumpeluk

A gift from Mariuca, from her Tokyo trip

A Mysterious box with a loving message

A cute dolly was inside the box… I love it!!love Thanks Mariuca!cium

And these were gifts from Shemah.

I am loving this key chain, how clever, it says, “Just Outstanding, A Naturally Nice Extrovert”… encem

I love this Shem!!love Now I have a coin purse! Thanks so much!cium

A cool refrigerator magnet of Sabah…encem

I love my online buddies so much, I am expecting another surprise from another online BFF of mine, and I am so excited because she is probably the best crafter I have ever known, so I know what she sent me is something awesome! Ooh, I can’t wait!

Don’t you just love gifts? I know I do! sengihnampakgigi

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