Thursday Thirteen: Recent Events*

September 10, 2009

Thirteen Things that happened to me recently:

1. Celebrated my birthday with friends.

2. I prepared lunch for my MIL’s group, The Handmaids of the Lord, who had their prayer gathering at our home.

3. Celebrating my Uncle’s birthday, which is happening right at this very moment.

4. Contemplated on my future goals in life.

5. Slowly learning to accept the fact that I can’t control every single thing. After all, this is real life and not The SIMS.

6. Finally got a dog in Barn Buddy.

7. Reached Level 15 in Farmville.

8. Watched 21. I know it’s a fairly old movie, but what can I say, I rarely get to watch anything in the theater or on t.v.

9. Applied for a job, which I am hoping I can get but haven’t heard from the employer and it’s been like 2 days already.

10. Found the quirkiest video clip, ever, so far.

11. Drinking The Bar, orange Vodka, again… WooHoo!sengihnampakgigi

12. Finally found the courage to write about Shutter on ANE which will come out this weekend.sengihnampakgigi

13. Okay, so I can only think of 12 things right now…sengihnampakgigi LOL…gelakguling Next week I’ll have to write 14 things…sengihnampakgigi

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  1. Congrats on the possible job Ane. I truly hope that you will get it. I think will are all looking at our lives goals i know i am. hmmmm Orange vodka rock on 😎

  2. Hope you'll hear good news about the future job.

    My 13 is posted if you'd like to stop by and read 'em…it's a list of 13 plays on words with a bit of humor.

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