B and his Skin

October 4, 2009
B has skin asthma, but despite him having that, he actually has good skin. I mean, when mosquitoes bite him, they don’t leave a bump, I don’t think it even itches as much as it should. He also doesn’t get pimples that often, sure he gets an occasional zit once in a while, but still, over all, he doesn’t have to deal with acne or any of that kind of facial problems I have grown accustomed to this past few months. Yes, my face haven’t fully recovered from nasty pimple scars I got months ago. It’s so unfair, I take good care of my skin, I exert effort to keep it looking good and to keep acne at bay, whereas B has never even tried to use any Men’s Skin Cream, ever, and yet he’s the one with great skin. And you know what, when B gets a pimple, it doesn’t leave a mark, and it’s like he never had a pimple at all. It’s so not fair. Sure, he has skin asthma, but his skin asthma only attacks whenever he feels hot, and we live in a place where the climate is cool, so that rarely ever happens. Oh well, at least only one of us needs to spend money on skin care products.
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  1. Hey LJ, really it's your first time to hear of skin asthma? well, the
    symptoms vary, some get nasty rashes on their skin, but for B, his skin
    itches and he says the itch comes from inside, so no matter how much he
    scratches it can't be soothed… His skin asthma attacks him whenever he's
    body feels too hot, that's why we don't live in Manila, because the hot
    weather will be like torture to his skin… B studied in Manila when he was
    in college and he said his skin asthma was worse then because he had rashes
    all over his body that itches like crazy… Nasty nasty… but now, he's got
    awesome skin, thanks to the cool climate of Baguio city where we live… πŸ™‚

  2. My husband never has to worry about pimples, either. I have to be so careful with my face (washing it twice a day with special soap, using an acne cleanser and cream, etc.) but my husband can go without washing his and it's no big deal!!!

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