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April 4, 2010
Online Casinos are probably one of the most entertaining and absolutely fun way of passing the time through the internet. Playing the slot machines are super fun and not much skills are required to actually win a game, so it’s definitely one of my favorite games online.

Gambling Online is illegal in some countries, and I only found that out fairly recently when another blogger wrote about how he wanted to remove his Entrecard widget because Entrecard was promoting a game of Black Jack or Poker or something, I know it’s a card game, I’m just not sure which one. Anyway, he claims that because online gambling is illegal in his country, he’s from the US, I never thought online gambling was illegal, especially in the US because that’s where the famous Las Vegas, also known as the Sin City is, so how can online gambling be illegal and yet real gambling isn’t? So weird, so anyway he’s trying to get people to remove their Entrecard widget because he says if “we” don’t we risk getting flagged by Google or Blogger for having some kind of illegal content. I was freaked out, because really, I didn’t want to be flagged for having illegal content! So I quickly sent out an S.O.S. tweet to my blogger friends from the US who told me to just ignore it because apparently the guy doesn’t know what he’s talking about and they assured me that if and when Entrecard screws up and I need to take it down for the safety of my blog, they’ll let me know ASAP. Yeah, I’ve got great friends.sengihnampakgigi

Now that that issue is out of the way, you can be sure to find me on one of my favorite places on the world wide web. Casino Online sites that offer the best prizes for Online Slot Machines and Online Poker. It’s a good thing my opponents can’t see me, or else I will so totally lose, I gotta work on my Poker face!xpasti

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