I Miss The Sun!

October 24, 2010
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It’s still raining like crazy right now! Ever since Typhoon Juan (international name Megi) paid our country a visit, it’s been raining cats and dogs most of the time. I haven’t seen the sun for so long! I love the rain, but I don’t want this much rain!

I found myself dreaming of going to the beach when I napped earlier this afternoon. The weather was perfect, the setting looked like it came from an advert from resort pages like that of http://www.grandeshores.com. The sun was positioned perfectly in the sky with a few clouds covering it now and then, and the ocean was calm and the kids were playing on the sand and B and I are lounging nearby engaged in a wonderful conversation about everything we can think of. I woke up to the sound of thunder. Of course I was dreaming, there is no way we’d go to the beach this month. It’s the monsoon season, I suppose that’s why we have so much rain and typhoons are coming in like they were invited or something. The only way I would find myself on a beach during this time is if we were in a different country, perhaps in South Carolina where the famous Myrtle Beach is. I have seen catalogs of Myrtle Beach hotels and it looks just heavenly. I love the beach and this is one beach I would like to visit one day. For now, all I can do to lift my spirits and forget about the rain is to look at available Myrtle Beach vacation deals, and bookmark them for later. I so need a vacation, I have been saying that for what feels like forever and I have yet to actually take one.sigh

Maybe in December, B and I will finally be able to find the time to go on vacation, if not, then I’d just have to wait for 2012, when I will finally (keeping my fingers crossed) be able to visit all my wonderful friends in Malaysia.sengihnampakgigi So, excuse me a minute while I dream about the sun…

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  1. @Foong: 2012 cause I need to save! πŸ˜€ I want to be able to experience Malaysia in all its gorgeous glory! πŸ˜€ hehe

    Yeah me no like typhoons too! I wish it would stop raining already!

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