Biskwitlicious at 38

December 11, 2010
Today, my darling husband celebrates his birthday. We have had 10 birthdays together and I look forward to celebrating more years with him. Just like wine, he gets better with age. encemLOL.gelakguling I just had to use that line cause that’s what he says whenever I tell him he’s old. LOL.gelakguling

For those of you who don’t know yet, B is the love of my life.love He was my first love and I am his last. Although I have had past relationships, my feelings have never been this intense. Hopefully we’ll be able to remain faithful and blissfully in love for the rest of our lives.love

Our marriage is far from perfect, but its imperfection is what makes it so perfect. We are two opposite poles of a magnet and I guess that is why we are so drawn to each other. We are one and yet we are 2 separate individuals. I let him do his thing and he lets me do mine, we know our limits and we know which lines are not to be crossed. With B, there is no need to keep secrets, even if I try, he can read me like a book and I can pretty much let him tell me anything so, there’s no point in hiding a secret from each other.jelir

Anyway, this post is supposed to be a shout out and not a pledge of my everlasting love, LOLgelakguling, so I will save that all for a different post.sengihnampakgigi For now, I just want to let everyone know that my conscience, the person responsible for making me a better person is celebrating his birthday.

If you want to read a blog with substance, you should check out his blog, Switching On the Sun, don’t forget to bring your dictionary, he likes to use highfalutin words, he explains why on his post aptly entitled, Substantialicious. If you want to read old school poetry, like the ones that actually have rhyming words, we don’t see enough of those kinds of poetry anymore, then check out his poetry blog, W.O.R.D.S., he hasn’t had the time to write a new poem, but when he does, it’ll be so worth the read.

Happy Birthday my Biskwit, I love you, love you.cium

Yeah, someone got his hands on the cake. Tsk tsk, Lucas. jelir

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