Hair Dilemma

December 15, 2010
I can’t decide whether to keep my hair long or cut it short. I also can’t decide whether I want it curled or straightened. It’s frustrating.sigh I’ve never had my hair professionally straightened before, I have used a straightening iron once or twice before but I have only done it on parts of my hair, not the whole thing. I have also never had my hair curled, ever. Once I did use curlers over night and the next day I had huge gorgeous curls, I loved it, but it only lasted for like 3 hours before my hair went back to being naturally straight. I want to cut my hair but then I am afraid that it might get poofy again, like the last time. I felt so sorry after cutting my hair then, that I quickly googled tips on how to get longer hair and fast.

However, nothing really worked really fast for me and it still took more than 9 months, I think, before my hair went back to normal. I guess I was not equipped with faster hair growth abilities. I definitely want a new look before the Holidays, but I just can’t decide on what to do and I am not brave enough to take a risk, not after that poofy incident.

So anyway, I never even considered getting curls, until Shemah, you know her, my blogging BFF, told me it would look awesome on me, just because it looked awesome on her. I don’t know if I’d be able to rock having curly hair, but I really want to have curls like Katherine Pierce from Vampire Diaries.


However, I have always had straight hair, and I actually like having long straight hair, like that of Elena Gilbert from Vampire Diaries.


Both characters are played by Nina Dobrev. She is gorgeous. I know that long and straight works for me, I want to try out a different look, but then I don’t want to feel sorry after when I end up looking like a crazy person with disheveled hair.jelir I humbly ask for your honest opinion, help me out! Should I keep it long?soal or have it cut?soal Should I keep it straight or go for curls?soal

If I can’t decide before the end of this week, then maybe I’ll just get a hair treatment equipped with the best hair vitamins, that way my hair will still look gorgeous no matter what.

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