Random Tuesday Thoughts: Are You Effin’ Kidding Me?!

January 18, 2011


I hate getting documents from our freakin’ government, because a.) it takes forever, no matter how early you start, b.) government workers take their time even though it’s obvious that you’re in a hurry, they purposely take their time just to piss you off. Since yesterday, I haven’t done anything but stand in line and patiently wait while I get documents signed from the government. All I need is a freakin’ postal ID, but before I can get one, I have to get clearances from the Baranggay (our subdivision), the Police and the NBI (National Bureau of Investigation) and a Cedula (Community Tax Certificate). I also have to have that postal ID form notarized. I would have finished it all yesterday if certain government workers didn’t take their freakin’ time. I hate the fact that they don’t value other people’s time.

This shit is bananas. B-A-N-A-N-A-S.

Yesterday I acquired postal ID form, got our Baranggay Captain to sign it but I was asked to drop by his office early in the morning so proper information can be added, and of course so I can pay a fee for his signature. Before that I had my NBI clearance renewed in a kiosk in a local mall, Porta Vaga. It took me 2 hours to have my NBI clearance renewed, the queue was so long and there was only one person working the kiosk. She definitely took her time. How hard is it to sign a renewal form, snap a quick picture and print it? Apparently it takes 15-20 minutes per person. My sister said that was already considered fast. WTF right?!

I refuse to accept that I am now a Leo.

Today, I had to get a Cedula and had my postal ID form notarized. I also went to the Baranggay Hall to get the Baranggay clearance and the postal ID form properly filled out and paid the fee. It all would have been done sooner but I had to pick up Chakai from school so I can pay her tuition fee and I also had to drop by the supermarket for Lucas’ milk and diapers.

Lucas, oh Lucas, why won’t you walk? He is so freakin’ heavy and he refuses to walk. My sister and I took turns carrying him.

I almost didn’t get a Cedula, but thanks to my gorgeous Starbucks planner, the lady gave me one despite the fact that I only had an NBI clearance and I didn’t have a valid ID. A valid ID is required regardless of whether you work or not. The only ID I have is my old college ID and it still bears my maiden name, so it’s not valid at all. The lady was quite in a bad mood, thanks to the person before me who pissed her off, good thing my planner caught her attention and my unwavering politeness, exceptional PR skills and uber friendly smile convinced her that I am not a criminal and that it’s okay to give me a cedula without a valid ID. I have never smiled that friendly smile in a loooong time, my face actually hurt after! LOL. Besides the reason I need a cedula is so I can get a valid ID.

Poop. Sleep. Eat. Play. Poop. Kids have all the luck. I don’t understand why I ever wanted to be a grown up.

It was only 4:15 p.m. and I have finally properly filled out the postal ID form and I have Had it notarized. I quickly ran to the postal office with only 45 minutes to spare. Government offices close at 5 p.m. The post office was like half a block away from where I had the form notarized, so when I saw the CLOSED sign I checked my watch and saw that it was only 4:25 p.m. It’s too early foe it to be closed already so I knocked on the window and asked why they were close when it was only 4:25 p.m. The two ladies who were there glanced at each other and exchanged grins, but they entertained me. However, I was asked to come back and claim it tomorrow morning instead of waiting for it today. I was too tired to argue so I complied. It would have taken her 5-6 minutes to type it out and had it to me, but instead she asked me to come back for it tomorrow. Go figure.

Just in case you’re wondering, I need a valid ID to be able to open a new bank account. I have other bank accounts and yes, I went through all these before.

It’s so freakin’ cold.

I am going to commit to reading and finishing The Moth Diaries this week. I have to finish before I start on my company, otherwise I will never finish it and that would be a shame becase it is an awesome book. I’m going to start reading it right now. Give Keely a holler for me okay?

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