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OA Meets Paymaya, A Uses It For Paypal

November 3, 2016
OA Meets Paymaya

Hello world!😁

One day I’m going to get tired of apologizing for not being able to update this blog more frequently. Or, I’d stop apologizing because I actually manage to update this blog once a week!😁 Let’s see how it goes!😏

So, on to the point of this post. Paymaya. If you haven’t heard of it, don’t worry, you’re not alone, it was new to me too.πŸ˜‰ I’ve heard of SmartMoney, and basically, Paymaya, is kind of like the latter. Except that it has different features.
Paymaya Features VS SmartMoney Features:

  • SmartMoney is a Mastercard; Paymaya is a Visa.
  • You need a PIN to be able to use SmartMoney to pay for purchases; Just swipe your Paymaya card to pay for purchases and you’re good to go.
  • SmartMoney wallet can be accessed through the SIM application of your phone and gives you updates about your transactions through text messages; Paymaya has a dedicated app where you can see all your transactions immediately.
  • For people in Manila, I hear you can also use the Paymaya for LRT and MRT rides, just swipe and you’re good.
Unique features of Paymaya:
  • Easy to link with Paypal, which is amazing news for people like me who work online.
  • You can withdraw funds from your Paypal to Paymaya.
  • Swipe to pay, tap to pay options.
  • You can use Paymaya to pay for your bills online using the app.
  • You can use Paymaya to pay for apps or games you buy in the App Store or Google Play Store.
  • Even if you’re a Globe subscriber, which “O” and I are since forever 😜, you’ll still be able to sign up for a Paymaya account, no need to switch to a Smart number.😁
A for Paymaya

My Experience with Paymaya

After attending the dinner hosted by the good people behind Paymaya at Hill Station a few weeks back, I was really excited about trying it out, which meant topping it up at a 7/11, which I did. Then I used it to pay for in-app purchases in the Google Play Store and used it to buy a ringtone in the App Store and it worked like a charm. No glitches, no misses, no problem.
So I used it to pay for an item I bought on Lazada, and again, no problem, to say that I was pleased was an understatement. I’ve always shopped online using my Paypal account or opted for a cash on delivery payment because I’m paranoid like that.😁 I also used it to pay for my PLDT bill using the app, and I was like, OMG 😱, where has Paymaya been all my life?! No queues and it only took a few taps on my phone.
Now for the ultimate test though, use it to withdraw funds from Paypal. It usually takes about 24 hours for my Paypal funds to get into my Unionbank account, 2 days max, 2 days on my RCBC account, 3 days on my BDO account. Paymaya says it takes 2-4 business days for funds to get into your Paymaya, no problem right, but they also said they’re working on making it faster, like just within hours, that has yet to take effect though. 
Anyway, it took exactly 24hours for my funds from my Paypal to get into my Paymaya account. It was amazing. I withdrew my money 1:34pm on a Tuesday, I got it on 1:34pm on Wednesday, the next day!
I’ve only had one incident where my funds from Paypal took 3 days to get into my Paymaya account, that was during Andres Bonifacio day. I withdrew my funds from Paypal on November 30, it got into my Paymaya account on December 3. It freaked me out a bit so I sent a tweet to their twitter account but they were quick to assure me that it will get into my account, and it did.😁 So, maybe don’t withdraw during the holidays as it takes longer for it to get into your Paymaya.😜 All the other times though, it took only 24 hours.

So if you don’t have one yet, you’re totally missing out!

Hit me baby, one more time!

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    1. Yes, indeed! Although, the ATM charged me 15pesos to withdraw my funds, but it's just the same as other ATMs, so no worries. πŸ™‚

  1. I heard paymaya from fellow filipina bloggers but since I live overseas I didn't really give it so much attention. It's great to know that you got choices to choose from, and having a lot of competitors would force others to better the quality and services of their product.

  2. I have experiences with PayMaya as well. For me, it took only a few seconds to transfer from PayPal to my PayMaya account. How? I don't really know the answer. I even have a video uploaded in YouTube to prove this. But as of now, many of my viewers and even friends are experiencing the two to three days transfer. I hope they will make it faster soon!

  3. I have a PayMaya card, but unfortunately I can't remember where in the world did I put it. Kung kelan nalaman ko na pwede sya sa Paypal saka nawala. Sayang P150 for the card πŸ™

  4. I have heard of PayMaya before but I never found the need to get one until I read this post. If I can use it to withdraw from Paypal and to pay bills online, too, then I am all for it. Will check online now for instructions on how to apply for one. Thanks for sharing! ^_^

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