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Feeling High on Valentine’s Day 2017

February 15, 2017


No, I didn’t take drugs.πŸ˜‚ The only thing that gives me the feeling of being “high” is when “O” makes me feel so loved. I know he loves me, he’s put up with me for close to 17 years now, but I love that he still makes an effort to make my heart skip a beat and after all these years he’s still able to make me feel like a high schooler in love for the first time.😍

Valentine’s Day Gifts usually mean flowers, chocolates and a stuffed toy, but that’s never been the case for me and “O”.

I’m allergic to flowers, so I really don’t appreciate bouquets all that much and “O” knows that, he gave me a single rose once or twice before for Valentine’s Day, but he knows better than to give me a bouquet.😁 Chocolates I love!🍫🍫🍫 What lady doesn’t right?😏 But I hate sharing, so he usually gives me a pack, just enough for me to eat before the children sees it.πŸ˜‚

We also don’t usually celebrate Valentine’s Day on the 14th, it’s just too much of a hassle going to places without a reservation days prior and the traffic is also a killer, so yeah, no thanks. So, I was really surprised when he asked me out on the 14th, Valentine’s Day itself.😁

He made me walk though. Jerk.πŸ˜’

OA at Mt. Kalugong for Valentine's Day 2017
I had to walk up cause the scooter couldn’t hold both of us, it was too steep!

Just kidding.😁 I had no choice but to walk up the rest of the way because it was just too steep for Rousey (that’s the name of the scooter, cause it’s a Honda, Honda Rousey, get it?πŸ˜‚)Β to climb. It wasn’t a really long walk, but it was tiring because it was a steep climb and when you get to the top, it turns out that’s not the top after all. You need to climb a few more heights to be able to see the amazing view of the valley below.

OA at Mt. Kalugong for Valentine's Day 2017
Just one of the many breathtaking views from Mt. Kalugong… Freaking amazing!

“O”Β literally was able to take my breath away this Valentine’s Day, even without steak involved…😁

We had to climb over rocks to see the view. I know I’m not sporty, but I managed and I felt so damn proud of myself.😁 I wasn’t even wearing the proper shoes for rock climbing or hiking! I was wearing Uggs (because it was so damn cold!) for crying out loud, but I made it!😁

OA at Mt. Kalugong for Valentine's Day 2017

The view (and the climb going to where you can see the viewπŸ˜‚) from Mt. Kalugong β›° was breathtaking!😲 It was a beautiful sight even if it became cloudyπŸŒ₯ and foggy🌁 as the afternoon passed.

OA at Mt. Kalugong on Valentine's Day 2017
I’m sure you’ve heard weather reports about how cold it is in Baguio City right now, during that day, it was at 8℃. People who experience winter are probably laughing at us for feeling so cold, but we do live in a tropical country and 8 freaking degrees is freaking cold to us, so brrrr!β›„
OA at Mt. Kalugong for Valentine's Day 2017
It felt much much colder while we were on top of Mt. Kalugong, but the climb and the trek will make you feel warm for all of 5 seconds before you start feeling cold again, I didn’t even break into a sweat even though we walked a lot and we climbed a lot.😁 It was just so darn cold!β›„
OA at Mt. Kalugong for Valentine's Day 2017
#OOTD not suitable for hiking or rock climbing but very apt for the weather 😁 courtesy of @omenggoodness on Instagram.
It was sunny but it was so freaking cold.β›„
Finally, we got to the cabin that was turned into a coffee shop, and the view of La Trinidad from there was amaze-balls!😊
OA at Mt. Kalugong for Valentine's Day 2017
View from the Kapean at Mt. Kalugong Cultural Village
And because I’ve earned it, I get to sit on the chair.😁
OA at Mt. Kalugong for Valentine's Day 2017
We took in the sights some more and then made our way to the coffee shop, expecting food, but unfortunately, we came too soon as they don’t offer meals yet, they will, we were told, but for now, we have to settle for coffee and pastries. Which is fine by us. I mean who can resist cake and a really good cup of coffee? Not #EatsOA, that’s for sure.πŸ˜‹
OA at Mt. Kalugong for Valentine's Day 2017
So how did we find the cakes and coffee? Will post on #EatsOA soon!😊 will update the link here when the post is up.
And that was how “O” and I celebrated our Valentine’s Day, I loved every minute of it.πŸ’œπŸ’™ But then again, if you’re married to your soulmate, everyday feels like Valentine’s Day, some days are just more violent than others.πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
There’s lots to do at Mt. Kalugong Cultural Village, I hear you can rent out some of the cabins or maybe set up the tent. Check out their Facebook page for more information, I’ll also make another post when we do get a chance to try out other things that we can do there.😊
Hit me baby, one more time!

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  1. Waaaaaaah! I miss baguio! I've been to Baguio several times already pero ANG DAMI KO PA DIN NEED PUNTAHAN.
    Except the haunted places. Remember our story-telling night? Haha!
    Anyway, you're always a fashionista kahit sa gitna ng kabunukan!
    Hoping to see Baguio soon and the "O" fambam. KAPEAN tayo? Minus the horror stories, please!

  2. Oh, Mommy! Reading your post makes me go "kilig" and smile. Gosh! I want to fall in love again. Chos! Pero hinde pa daw ako ready. LOL!

    Anyway, it was nice that your hubby surprised you with this amazing escapade and take pictures of you as well! Gosh! Gusto ko na din ng hubby na supportive sa mga blogging activities ko. Hehehe…

    Mommy, I like all the emoticons you inserted on your post. How do you do it with blogger.com and how about self-hosted wordpress? Love to use emoticons on my post that we can easily insert!

    1. Ooh Mommy Rubz, there's a default emoji button for blogger na! πŸ™‚ That's what I used. πŸ™‚ I don't know lang how on WordPress because I'm back on blogger, ang mahal ni wordpress eh! hehe πŸ˜›

    2. Mommy Rubz, when he finds you, it'll be worth the wait, just keep the faith and continue to be the amazing mom you are to your children! <3

  3. AmAzinG!!! Nakaya mo yun? Di pa namin na try mag date at ng mountain climbing, i suggest ko yan kay Norman. Haha infairness natawa ako kay Honda Rousey!!! Let's always get high in love sis!

    1. Hahaha sis! I know right?! I had my doubts, I thought for sure I couldn't make it, but I did and it's such an amazing feeling! πŸ˜€

      Cheers to always being high in love!

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