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Disney’s Mulan: Was It Always This Emotional?

November 26, 2017

My choice of movie last Friday was Mulan. Why? It was available on iFlix and a few days ago I saw a meme with Mulan in it.


wow, I’m ancient… (via BuzzFeed Rewind)

Posted by BuzzFeed on Tuesday, 21 November 2017


So I watched it. I don’t remember it as being so filled with the feels though. Has it always been so emotional? Or was it just me?πŸ€” I’m not pregnant and I’m not on my period, so I don’t think it was that. Oh gosh I hope I’m not turning into a weepy lady!😡

I’ve watched Mulan so many times before, but I’ve never really thought it was a tear-jerker. So imagine my surprise when more than once, it got me all choked up and at some parts, I actually cried. Like really cried.😭 It was so weird.😯

I don’t cry very easily and people who know me, know that it takes a lot for me to cry,. The only movie that has ever made me cry was Hilary Swank and Gerard Butler’s P.S. I Love You movie. I didn’t even cry for Titanic or The Notebook! Maybe I should re-watch these again and see if it’ll make me cry this time.πŸ€”

So imagine my surprise when all of a sudden, Mulan, of all movies, made me weepy.😡 So I applied what I learned in Psychology back in college and psycho-analyzed myself with the help of my family.😊

“O” said that it’s probably because I’ve matured and that I’ve finally seen past the facade of it’s cartoony surface and have like read between the lines. Spoken like a true Uncle.πŸ˜‚

So let’s break down the movie and the parts that actually made me feel like crying and the ones that actually made me cry.

When the matchmaker was mean

I mean seriously, that’s the worst thing anyone can ever say to you. It’s hurtful and un-called for. She was clumsy, sure, she was awkward, that’s not a reason to say she won’t bring her family honor. That was just so mean.

The diagnosis: I felt bad because in a way, I could relate. People always saw me as the black sheep of my family because I was a rebel without a cause because I felt like everything wrong with my family was my fault. Growing up, I blamed myself for my parents’ separation, thus rebellion was my way of coping. Although I know now that it wasn’t my fault, perhaps unresolved feelings from way back then resurfaced and watching this scene in a way reminded me of that pain and letting myself feel it has finally helped me come into terms with the fact that, it’s not my fault. I’ve accepted that although I had a rough teen years, I’ve redeemed myself and that I did not bring total dishonor to my family.

When the Dad said this:

After the matchmaker fiasco, Mulan was feeling all sorts of sadness, but then her dad comes over and makes her feel better.

The diagnosis: I didn’t grow up with my Dad. I feel like time has been stolen from us. So naturally, father-daughter scenes make me cry. I don’t think it’s something I’ll get over just yet.

When Mulan disappointed her Dad

After that heart warming father-daughter moment, Mulan tried to speak up and prevent her dad from going to war. Disappointing him in the process.

The diagnosis: I’ve never forgiven myself for writing a letter that caused my dad to go into a car accident and then spiral into depression. I cried during this scene because I hate that I disappointed my dad because I was too weak. I believed that he was the kind of man that would abandon me willingly. I didn’t understand then and I should have known better, I should have known him better. Too late, I wrote it, he read it, things happened and I can’t take it back. Regret.

When Mulan reunited with her friends to save the day:

I love that in the end, although she deceived them, they still trusted her. I didn’t cry during this scene, but it did make me choke up a bit.

The diagnosis: It’s because I value my friendships so much and I know I’m not the perfect friend, but I always try to do and say what’s right, not because I want to gain something from it, but because I truly believe it’s what’s best for them. So, sometimes, I know I do hurt their feelings and sometimes they take my good intentions the wrong way, but I hope at the end of the day they realize that I do what I do and say what I say not because I want to hurt them, but because I genuinely love them and want nothing but the best for them, even if sometimes it’s hard to hear. As “O” would always say, there’s a difference between a ‘friend’s advice’ and a ‘friendly advice’, I always go for the former because of it.

When the Dad said this:

When she came home and presented her father with the gifts to honor their family and the Dad threw it away, hugged her and said “The greatest gift and honor is having you for a daughter.”.😭 I completely lost it at that scene.😭

The diagnosis: I’ve got Daddy issues, not the I-hate-my-dad-cause-he-was-absent kind of Daddy issues, more like I-wish-time-wasn’t-stolen-from-us kind of Daddy issues. I hope one day, I make my dad proud. Not like save-the-world proud like Mulan, just proud because of what type of person I’ve become.

So phew, that’s a lot of feels for supposedly a child’s movie. I suggest you re-watch it and see how it makes you feel this time around as well. Let me know how it goes!

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