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Paymaya Now On Messenger: The App That Keeps On Giving! *GIVEAWAY ALERT*

December 17, 2017

If you’ve been a follower of my blog then you know how much I love Paymaya, I love how fast Paypal to Paymaya transfers are and I love that I can track all my transactions using the app.😊

Now that Paymaya is live on Facebook Messenger, using it got a lot easier! It allows you to pay bills, top up your load, send cash or deposit money.😊 I mean come on, if that’s not convenient I don’t know what is.

Paymaya Live on Messenger

As you know, I did sign up to Paymaya using my Globe number, because I’m a Globe subscriber. It doesn’t matter, Paymaya works just as well.😁

When I heard about Paymaya being live on Facebook Messenger, I was excited, because Facebook and Messenger are free even if you don’t have load or mobile credits, so this is awesome because I wouldn’t need to have data to be able to top up my load anymore.

I buy load using the Paymaya app all the time, and I do already enjoy 5% off, but I’ve always had to have data or enough mobile credits to be able to access the app, which means if it’s an emergency, I can’t load my phone right away. So of course I am super psyched that Paymaya is now Live on Facebook Messenger!😁

What You Can Do With Paymaya On Facebook Messenger:

You can do more with Paymaya on Facebook Messenger. You can Buy Load and enjoy 5% discount, just like on the app, Deposit Cash, Pay Bills, Send Money and Check your balance.

Paymaya Money Option

Don’t forget to check the Promos & Gifts section to get the most out of Paymaya on Facebook Messenger.

Paymaya Promos & Gifts Option


Buy Load at 5% off. I’m a Globe subscriber.

Paymaya DOES NOT discriminate. It works for ALL networks! In as much as I would like to switch to a Smart prepaid number, LTE and signal wise, where we live, Globe dominates, so we really have no choice.πŸ˜“ We’ve tried to switch to Smart but we always go back to Globe because the signal is just better. Once Smart improves their coverage in our area, O & I will switch in a heartbeat.😁

Anyway, seconds after the transaction has been processed you will get a text saying you’ve successfully bought prepaid credits and then a few seconds later, you receive your load. So convenient!😁

Bought Load From Paymaya on Facebook Messenger!

Bought Load from Paymaya on Facebook Messenger!


Giveaway Time!

Paymaya and A #ShareTheLove Giveaway

I love Paymaya!😊 And because Paymaya loves “A” too 😁, here’s a special giveaway for you all!

Paymaya and I will giveaway β‚±1,000 to 5 lucky people who can activate and link their Paymaya accounts on Facebook Messenger!😁

It’s so simple! Here’s what you need to do:


  1. Must be a follower of my Facebook page to Enter. New Likers are welcome!😊 Like my page here: It’s “A” or Nothing!
  2. Download the Paymaya App.
  3. Register. Use your mobile number to register an account.
  4. Using your Android device, link your Paymaya account to Paymaya on Messenger. Click on this link for easy linking to paymaya using your Android device: Link Paymaya to Facebook Messenger!
  5. When you’ve successfully linked your account to Paymaya on Facebook Messenger, go back to my Facebook post and Comment with the Hashtags: #ShareTheLove, #PayMayaInMessenger and #PayMayaMoNow, tag 3 of your friends to share the love with them too and that’s it, you are officially entered in the giveaway!

That’s worth β‚±5,000 of prizes, but that’s not all! Refer a friend and you can earn up to β‚±250 more! To find out how to earn via referral, read more here: Paymaya refer and earn promo.

Paymaya Refer and Earn Promo


Reminders for the Giveaway!

πŸŽ…πŸ» Giveaway will run from December 17, 2017 to December 19, 2017.

πŸŽ…πŸ» Open to residents of the Philippines only.

πŸŽ…πŸ» Must have an active Paymaya account linked to Paymaya on Facebook Messenger.

πŸŽ…πŸ» Winners will be announced on December 21, 2017 on my Facebook page.

πŸŽ…πŸ» Previous Unlikers of the page are automatically disqualified. I’m like Santa, I too have a list and I check it twice.πŸŽ…πŸ» I’m very generous, but only to NICE people, unliking my page after a giveaway is naughty.πŸ™…β€β™€οΈπŸ»β€ NAUGHTY people get coal in their socks for Christmas, or a visit from Santa’s evil twin, Krampus!😡

Want more entries?

Comment on this post and tell me what your favorite Christmas movie is.😊


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